Our Services

Solving your Dilemma

We understand that you don’t always have the time or resources to put in place the initiatives and processes  you’d like; Your initiatives  could add to your bottom line and ensure the ability and motivation of your people. They set you aside, make your business stand out and we can deliver these for you. Processes keep you in good corporate order and safe from Tribunals

Cost Efficiency

We help you achieve the things you’d like to in terms of rewarding, developing, and getting the best out of your people and we do this on a cost effective basis. Access to our expertise is as and when required, keeping cost down and realising excellent value.

Talk is good

Talk to us for an open non commital dialogue that helps clarify your needs. Meantime get some ideas from the following-

Peace of Mind There’s nothing better than this. You’ll have access to our in depth understanding of employment law so you don’t have to worry. We’ll ensure you remain compliant while your business develops. But we know you’re an entrepreneur; a risk taker. We won’t frustrate you by forcing you into the one safe option that ultimately fails your business. We’ll lay out the options then work with you to manage your choice leaving you in control.  We Provide Essential Policies in clear straightforward and unambiguous language making them effective at setting and maintaining high standards at workEssential procedures include a unique and innovative approach to turning poor behaviour into positive, customer friendly behaviourOur contract of employment is not an off the shelf variety nor are they needlessly legalistic. Each is tailored by us to meet your needs
Access to Best Practice HR Our expertise is senior level but hands on, gifting you knowledge and expertise normally available only to the largest and wealthiest corporations but at a fraction of the cost  Access to Best Practitioners  You will deal with a professional who assists companies with leading edge Human Resource solutions and delivers creative responses custom designed for organisations of all different sizes and with their own unique issues to resolve
Wide Range of Services We are business people and understand business and finance as well as HR and People Development. We aim to provide flexible solutions that support business development, the bottom line and profitable growth. We passionately believe industry gets far less out of its people than is possible and we know how to change that.  Mentoring / Training for Staff You may have someone dealing with HR administration. Can they be developed as your business grows?We can provide a flexible approach to mentoring and developing your existing staff to become your future HR Manager or Director so as you grow your organisation capability grows too.

Some more specific services are;

Invigorate existing Policy and procedure

Want your Policies and Procedures reviewed, updated, and made effective but lack the time and opportunity? We can do that for you taking what you have and delivering simplified and fit for purpose procedures your managers and staff will be delighted with. Dynamic and effective policy and procedure is the cornerstone of a statutory defence in Tribunal proceedings.Better still effective policy means avoiding any dispute

Strategic Development

We believe most organisations utilise only a proportion of the potential that staff can contribute. Small changes to organisation and culture can make a huge difference to strategic advantage.


We offer a second to none recruitment service. Our comprehensive approach based on sound research into what works best and backed up with extensive practical experience will deliver you the best results and most effective staff. Properly done recruitment, will result in improved customer service and improved bottom line results as well as a helping make yours a great place to work where competent people work comfortably with each other and yourself

Performance Management

Whether you have an individual case with a difficult employee or you want a systematic approach to improving people and business performance overall we can help

Discipline and dismissal need to be handled expertly. Mistakes will be costly because of disruption and worse, tribunal awards of up to over £80K, potentially much more if discrimination is involved. Its worth asking us to help you get it right


Your ability to retain staff depends on a variety of employment experiences not just the rate of pay you can realistically afford. The tighter the pay to effort ratio is, the greater the potential impact and importance of these other factors. We can help you make yours a great place to work where people want to stay and customer service and the bottom line are improved as a result

Training and development

We can help you increase the capability of your management and workforce so that your internal relationships are improved, processes speeded up with improved quality cost and delivery, and latent and actual conflict dealt with effectively and reduced


 The Larger Organisation

As well as outsourced HR Executive services we provide short term Interim Management at Director / Senior management level to cover vacancies and to provide added resource and expertise for special projects.